COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

Angela Iacono-Final Presentation

Here is the google drive link to the video!


  1. Ebony Derrick

    Your presentation was enjoyable and informative. I learned a lot about Kati Lacker, the pieces you chose had a lot going on but I believe that they work because it’s not hard on the eyes and its eye catching. It allow us to explore the pieces without being distracted by something else.

  2. Iqra Bhatti

    Hi Angela, Kati Lacker is a talented designer, and her work is beautiful. Because you know how much flowers mean to me, I adore the second piece of her artwork with flowers. It was fascinating to learn about her and see her artwork. 

  3. Faye Wang

    I really loved her illustration style. No matter the color choices or the use of lines, the whole combination gives people a feeling of comfort, healing and warmth. At the same time, I am very happy to know this outstanding artist through your presentation and be able to become her follower on IG.

  4. Prof. Matthew C. Lange

    Very nice presentation Angela. It’s always very cool to think about the work of a very contemporary illustrator and designer.

    Very nice use of a few theories from class. When it comes to the Rhetoric of the Image, I will once again point out a relatively minor technical point: We should remember that Barthes said that drawings and paintings can never truly have a non-coded message, because the technique one chooses to draw or paint is always informed by some kind of cultural interpretation. Isn’t it the same true for illustration? With that in mind, I think it’s also very interesting to consider how the style of Lacker’s work helps to convey the messages. And I will add that you did an excellent job analyzing those messages.

    Also very cool to think about this work in relation to Kenya Hara’s ideas. Very different styles and approaches, but I certainly see the connection.

  5. Lin Chao Chao

    Great talk, thanks for letting me know about this Kati Lacker illustrator. Her work is interesting, using different styles to paint different things.

  6. Guen Fung

    Kati Lacker has some art I really adore, the line art is bold and very noticable even in the presentation where it is sized down. It is just the outline that is bold and very easy on the eyes. I feel like I seen work very similar to hers while at Bryant Park, where they sometimes have artist works on the side to sell.

  7. Andrew Bien-Aimè

    Excellent presentation! Thank you for informing me about Kati Lacker, illustrator. Her art is intriguing since she employs several approaches to paint various subjects. Her St. Edwards University cover design/illustrations is outstanding.

  8. Simonlei

    Angela I can see that your presentation visuals and slides are very much of your style. I think you chose a very interesting artist who best reflected the kind of work you want to create. The miniature style pieces are great to look at and are very cute. The color pallets are limited and muted which works in this case.

  9. Yiqiang Wang

    Thank you, Angela, for introducing Kati Lacker, an illustrator. Kati uses simple lines to draw scenes we can see every day, which makes people feel very familiar.

  10. Gloria Rosario


    I really liked your presentation and I love Kat Lacker’s illustrations and her style of work.

  11. Sadman

    Hi Angela,
    I enjoyed Katie Lacker a lot through your presentation. You were very informative and used the Rhetoric of the Image very well to analyze all the coded and non-coded messages. What I love about her work are the consistent lines and strokes that are clearly visible even on top of the colors, it makes the messages and the main idea pop up a lot more.

  12. Shayne Coley

    hi thanks for helping me better understand and katie lacker from what i can tell katie lacker uses everyday lines and shapes to design and illustrate her work. which in my opinion makes her very interesting

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