COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

Final Presentation – Yiqiang Wang


  1. Iqra Bhatti

    Hi, Yiqiang. I see you chose an excellent graphic designer for your final presentation. Finding out about Seymour Chwast’s alternate nickname was interesting. My favorite thing about Seymour Chwast is how he draws with his left hand. Thank you for sharing this great graphic designer’s work.

  2. Ebony Derrick

    I learned new information about Seymour Chwast from your presentation. I also didn’t know that he was nicknamed the left hand designer, which is interesting information to know.

  3. Angela Iacono

    Great presentation, It’s really interesting to see how versatile Seymour was as an artisit. He tackled so many different art concepts like surrealism, cartoon, and bold graphic lines. It was also interesting learning about Push Pin Studios and how they didn’t follow the international typographic style.

  4. Maria Iacono

    Really interesting topic and learned a lot about Seymour as an artist. Really great presentation!

  5. Faye Wang

    Thank you for the excellent presentation to let me learn such a great designer and his works. After watching your video, I did some research on him and realized that he is the husband of Paula Scher! Well, excellent people are always attracted to each other.

  6. Prof. Matthew C. Lange

    Thank you for the very nice presentation Yiqiang.

    It’s very cool to see the work of this important illustrator, and to consider that work in relation to the topics we’ve discussed in class. We really didn’t cover the impact of different illustration styles on the development of design, particular in the US through the second half of the 20th century. You’re right that it is very different from the European developments that were occurring at the same time. It could have been very interesting to reference some images and writings associated with the International Typographic Style to give us that point of comparison.

    Very informative indeed. Glad to see that you’ve already sparked further interest in Chwast’s work!

  7. Lin Chao Chao

    Hello, Yiqiang. Thank you for introducing me to Seymour Chwast, an amazing graphic designer. His surreal paintings are interesting. Unexpectedly, he painted with his left hand. Left-handed people in my country are considered smarter than right-handed people.

  8. Guen Fung

    Seymour Chwaust usage of the complementary colors is what caught my eyes. The usage of the cartoonish art style with the blue and orange really pops out to me. It is also cool that he is a left handed artist.

  9. Andrew Bien-Aimè

    Your presentation taught me something new about Seymour Chwast. Seymour Chwast has a varied collection of work and a long-lasting effect on American visual culture, according to your presentation. Also, I find it fascinating that he was known as a left-handed designer and that he displayed artwork in this manner.

  10. Simonlei

    I really enjoyed the i formation you presented along with the visuals you chose. I enjoy cartoon and wacky style of art so this goes right into my interest. Overall the presentation was clear and presented well.

  11. Gloria Rosario


    Thank you for introducing Seymour Chwast, I was not familiar with his work before. The great amount of information you provided about him and his work helped me understand his work better.

  12. Sadman Hafiz

    Hi Yiqiang,
    Very nice presentation, the entire conversation about his left-hand design ideologies was pretty interesting.

  13. Shayne Coley

    Ireally like how Seymour Chwast uses his colors and how bright it is i am surprise at how well he is able to do these wacky cartoonish designs with just his left hand. i personally don’t really know a lot of people who could draw left handed like that

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