COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

Final Presentation – Xiaofei Wang


  1. Iqra Bhatti

    Hi, Xiaofei 
    This presentation was excellent, and I learned a lot about Joan Cornella. He is a talented cartoonist and illustrator. Thanks for sharing this fascinating artist. I learned something worthwhile from it.

  2. Prof. Matthew C. Lange

    Yes, Faye, thank you for this excellent presentation. Very nice examination of this illustrator’s work.

    I find it very interesting that Joan Cornella’s work could be seen as going against so many of the ideas of ‘good design’ that we covered throughout the semester. Yet he seems to convey very relevant ideas about our culture…in his own particular way.

    These images also remind me of some of the pictographic forms of communication that we encountered early in the semester – but those were intended to be very literal, objective tools, whereas Cornella seems to be striving toward just the opposite. I wonder what that might say about the expressive potential of visual language.

    Its a very fun topic, in a very dark kind of way!

  3. Ebony Derrick

    Thank you for the presentation on Joan Cornella. His cartoon illustrations reminds me of propaganda and cartoon illustrations in history textbooks. I also really enjoyed your presentation, the simple but eye catching pieces you chose by Cornella were truly interesting to look at.

  4. Sadman

    Very nice presentation Wang, I enjoyed learning about this fantastic cartoonist. His political cartoons are both impactful and hilarious at the same time. I also loved how you explained some of the ironies that he implemented in his works. Thank you for presenting this fun topic.

  5. Angela Iacono

    Great presentation! I think this illustrator is very interesting considering that he draws sometimes dark concepts in such a friendly style. The contrast between the art style and subject matter is very interesting and I learned a lot!

  6. Maria Iacono

    Thanks for sharing this really cool artist with us I definitely learned a lot about them throughout this whole presentation and the examples you showed were really interesting as well. Great presentation, really enjoyed it!

  7. Lin Chao Chao

    Great talk, made me meet Joan Cornella, an interesting illustrator. His paintings are funny and in line with our current popular topic. His paintings are very realistic but with some irony.

  8. Guen Fung

    I actually had a good laugh at this, I seen meme templates from Joan Cornella work. His stance are controversial. Which isn’t a bad thing, from what we learned through the semester, it is good to have your own thoughts and opinions on your work.

  9. Andrew Bien-Aimè

    Hello, Xiaofei.
    Joan Cornella  is an exceptional illustrator. It’s also fascinating to see how he incorporates surreal comedy and dark humor comic strips into his work. Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful artist.

  10. Simonlei

    Im bias when it comes to cartoon and humorous art. When you put them together, its perfection. It was a treat to see all of the funny and clever art works that Joan Cornella created.

  11. Yiqiang Wang

    When I see Joan’s works, I always laugh, but after reading them, I often think about the meaning behind this work. Joan Cornell à satirizes all kinds of social conditions with humor and simple comics. Whenever people read it, they will think. Finally, thank you Xiaofei for introducing us to this excellent and interesting artist.

  12. Gloria Rosario


    I enjoyed your presentation, I have seen his work before and I think his use of colors and funny characters are fascinating, and with the fact that he uses sarcasm to deliver a message.

  13. Shayne Coley

    john Cornella’s work is very interesting to me he was able to mix humor and satire into his art work. However when he uses satire in his work it makes me stop and question the purpose of this art.

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