COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

Sadman Hafiz-Final Research Project Recording

Here is the video of my final project. I’m sorry my voice is kinda shaky and it’s because I caught a cold yesterday and I was recording outside.


  1. Iqra Bhatti

    Hello, sadman
    Excellent presentation. You have a fantastic knack for drawing, as I mentioned in the second class. It was fascinating to learn about surrealism.

    • Sadman Hafiz

      Thank you Iqra! And yes I remember your comment from last class. Looking forward to your presentation.

  2. Prof. Matthew C. Lange

    Thanks for starting us off Sadman. Very cool to see so many interesting examples – I think I have some new music to check out!

    The reference to Barthes’ Rhetoric of the Image is really great – especially since so much Surrealist work defies traditional expectations from images, and invites all sorts of conflicting or confusing coded messages. It could have been really interesting to hear more of how read each of the album covers that you’ve shared.

    I’d also be curious to know how closely some of the images on the album covers represent the music on the album. Maybe some are working with the music to create the “total work of art” that Bauhaus thinkers like Walter Gropius hoped for? Or maybe sometimes they’re just a cool image to see alongside the music?

    There is certainly a lot to think about here!

  3. Ebony Derrick

    I enjoyed your presentation and really like that you chose to use your own piece as the first example. I also really liked the detailed information that you gave throughout the video.

  4. Angela Iacono

    I really loved your presentation about Surrealism. Usually surrealism artwork and design is not my favorite however, I really enjoyed all the examples you showed especially the Villagers Fever Dreams album cover. Having the mountain be a bear is really clever and surrealistic. Overall, very interesting!

  5. Maria Iacono

    I really enjoyed your presentation and took a deeper dive into the surrealism that we already learned in class and i love the examples you chose. Great presentation!

  6. Faye Wang

    Very interesting examples of surrealist album cover! I really love Fever Dreams’ cover. Other than the song in the album, the most memorable thing is the album cover. A good cover design allows people to immerse themselves in the melody of the music. What a great combination of these surrealist album cover.

  7. Lin Chao Chao

    Your presentation is great, it’s an honor to see your own work here, the paintings are great. There are also interesting paintings about surrealism.

  8. Guen Fung

    Hey Sadman, I really like the take of surrealism. It really helps with prespective and if you look at it in the morning and then look at it at night, your prespective changes. I feel like surrealism and music makes it very interpertive in terms of the music lyrics and then having something to look at is something really interesting.

  9. Simonlei

    Sadman I think you came across an interesting topic as album covers are known for being within the realm of surrealism. I enjoyed the visuals and presentation flow, as you presented clear cut information that kept my interest.

  10. Andrew Bien-Aimè

    Good day, Sadman.
    Outstanding presentation. The artwork you made at the start of the presentation is fantastic. It is a fantastic example of surrealism.

  11. Yiqiang Wang

    Thank you, Sadman. Your presentation gives me a new understanding of surrealism. In my opinion, surrealism is to break the Convention and express deeper meaning with things that do not exist in reality.
    Surrealism is a good choice to be applied to the album cover. As you said, just looking at the cover before the audience listens to music can make the audience fall into a certain mood. The internal meaning of music is very rich. Sometimes it is difficult to express it with concrete things, but surrealism will not have such a problem, because it is free and unrestricted. So it can make the audience feel some feelings when they saw the surrealist album cover.
    In addition, I think the emergence of image processing software (such as Photoshop) is also helpful for the development of surrealism, because in the past, surrealism was embodied in painting, which requires high skill. However, after the emergence of image processing software, it greatly reduces the difficulty of creating surrealistic works. You may only need to learn simply to create the wild ideas in your brain through the mouse and computer. Therefore, the development of technology has provided great help to the development of surrealism to some extent.
    Finally, I want to say that your drawing is very good.

  12. Gloria Rosario


    This is a great presentation on Surrealism and how it is used today. California by Reggie Becton is such a powerful cover.

  13. Shayne Coley

    i liked the presentation i liked how you introduce surrealism and the examples you gave was very easy to grasp

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