The fashion trend I want to talk about is Hanfu, the traditional Chinese Han clothing that has attracted the attention of young people in recent years. There are 56 ethnic groups in China, but not all ethnic costumes are still popular. Hanfu is the one that was buried. The Han nationality is the largest ethnic group in China. In fact, as early as around 2000, some people wore Han costumes and tried to revive them, but they were not paid attention to by too many people. When I was young, there was a group of children who liked to wear sheets and imitated the characters and costumes in TV series, including me. And now this group of kids has grown up, although there are many people who don’t know Hanfu who say we are opera singers (derogatory term), Korean or Japanese (similar costumes). But our generation is not afraid of difficulties, so we go forward bravely, and now many people recognize Hanfu. I hope Hanfu can be known and popularized by more people. When foreigners discuss Chinese clothing, it is no longer about cheongsam, Tang suits, and the like.