COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

Discussion 11B

Kadir Nelson is the designer who has piqued my curiosity. Kadir Nelson is a painter, illustrator, and novelist residing in Los Angeles who is most known for his drawings that have appeared on the covers of The New Yorker magazine and Michael Jackson and Drake’s albums. Kadir Nelson’s art piques my curiosity since it has a certain quality to it. It tells a narrative and paints a wider image than simply a painting or a design when you look at it. He’s also an African-American designer, therefore I’m interested in learning more about his work. Portraits of humans are a unique design trend that Kadir Nelson employs. I admire how he used that method to draw the audience’s attention to a larger image.” Design as Art by Bruno Munari,” a theory that pertains to design, is a theory that correlates with Kadir Nelson’s artwork. “Today’s designer reestablishes the long-lost connection between art and the public, between live people and art as a living creature,” says the designer.

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  1. Prof. Matthew C. Lange

    This sounds great Andrew. Addressing Kadir Nelson’s work should make for a great presentation. You might think about focusing on a specific aspect of his work, such as his album covers, or his New Yorker covers. Or you might think about particular themes like the social justice activism that his work promotes and is a part of.

    I agree that Bruno Munari’s ideas are very relevant. You might also think about some of the ways that Nelson works to overturn the racist ideologies that Stuart Hall addresses. You might also get some ideas from the Kenya Hara article in this week’s readings.

    I hope your research is moving along nicely – I think you’ll have plenty to talk about!

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