COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

Discussion 11B – Ebony Derrick

  1. I’m interested in cubism and pointillism and how it changed the role of art and graphic design.
  2. Cubism has been an interest I’ve had in art and design because of the use of abstract structures and shapes being put together to create a completely different and unique art piece. Pointillism has also interested me because it’s fascinating that out of small dots on different types of surfaces can create such wonderful art and designs.
  3. There were a few designs and trends that fits into both of my choices that I’m interested in, but to narrow down my choices I’ll be doing some more research.
  4. Both cubism and pointillism can relate to and can be separated and isolated like the readings “Rhetoric of the Image” by Roland Barthes, “TypoPhoto” by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, and “On Typography” by Herbert Bayer have done and described in them.
  5. I believe that “TypoPhoto” is a great reading to compare to both cubism and pointillism, and can be used to be more in depth with both art and desifn movements.
  6. I believe I can create a new theory with the right amount of research.

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  1. Prof. Matthew C. Lange

    I’m noticing a trend here – we seem to have a strong interest in Modern avant-garde art movements!

    Both Cubism and Pointillism took place, as movements, well before the past 40 years, so you should not address those works for the presentation. But there is no shortage of Cubist-inspired contemporary design. I would strongly encourage you to look at some of the designs that might fall into that category.

    When looking at updated takes on these works, I would also recommend that you consider some of the ways that subsequent generations recognize the problems in these earlier movements. For example, many scholars and critics have addressed the sexism of Picasso’s work, as well as the potentially racist connotations to the African masks that Cubists used.

    Perhaps it could be interesting to focus on a designer, illustrator or artist that copies the style of early avant-garde movements but updates the message. I don’t have a particular artist in mind but I’ll try to think of a few that I’d recommend.

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