COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

Angela Iacono-Discussion 9b

I chose Yiqiang Wang’s Mr.Clean ad. I can’t believe this was an actual ad that was put out. This is honestly very shocking and I can’t imagine that it was well received by the public. The caption, “Get Back To The Job That Really Matters.” wouldn’t be so bad if it was just a stand alone slogan however, they stated, “This Mother’s Day” before that implying that woman, specifically mothers, should get back to cleaning because that is what matters. This makes it incredibly discriminatory and honestly just wrong. It reminds me of when Burger King tweeted, “Woman belong in the kitchen” and how it was a message about how there aren’t many female chefs or cooks and they should be encouraged in that field. But, obviously tweeting that was not the way to get your message across and hurt Burger King in the process. Also, it’s unfortunate that Mr.Clean made this campaign because their products are actually really good. But, I just don’t understand what goes through people’s minds when they make these ad campaigns that are clearly degrading to woman and mothers alike.


  1. Sadman

    Its funny because I actually wanted to use this for my assignment last week but professor said to pick something more recent. This ad clearly is “discriminatory and wrong” just like you said. They didn’t think this through while making the ad, it was probably a mistake that have been made unintentionally but for a brand like Mr Clean, it’s just so big of a mistake to make on such special day.

  2. Gloria Rosario


    I agree with you, this ad is so wrong, makes me sick every time I look at it. Your reference about Burger King’s tweet, I remembered when they tweeted that and I couldn’t believe it. Sometimes I wonder if some of these companies do these things to be trending online, as long as people are talking about the brand.

  3. Yiqiang Wang

    Hello, Angela, thank you for choosing the ad I found. For a long time, there have been many stereotypes about women in society. For example, women are responsible for cleaning and cooking, but these stereotypes are actually wrong and should not be spread. Women can actually do whatever they want to be, but Procter & Gamble It’s a big mistake for such a large company to create such an ad to spread the wrong stereotype to people.

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