COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

Sadman Hafiz-Week9 Discussion

I picked Angela’s Rare Beauty ad featuring Selena Gomez. The choices made in this advertisement are definitely intentional and they worked out perfectly. I believe this ad is very strong because of the amazing use of different races. Angela mentions that the ad puts out messages that state, makeup is a secondary thing that is not necessary for one to become beautiful, and that every woman is beautiful and unique. For a make-up company, this was very insightful, the amazing handling of race and inspiring lines worked very well. The designers and producers paid closer attention to their goals and the broader audiences. This ad not only helps against racism but also helps individuals realize how unique and special they are because of what they look like. The message here is so strong that it doesn’t even feel like an advertisement for a make-up brand.


  1. Iqra Bhatti

    Hi sadman, I totally agree with your opinion of this advertisement. With its amazing use of diverse races, this advertisement is very powerful. The points you made about this advertisement are really good. I was able to use this ad to write about, but I chose another one. 

  2. Angela

    Thank you for choosing my ad! Selena Gomez owns Rare Beauty and oversees all the products to ensure the highest quality. I totally agree with what you said and I think it is very insightful!

  3. Yiqiang Wang

    Cosmetics are different from items such as shoes and clothes. Because people with different skin colors need to use different colors and types of cosmetics, cosmetics companies can make their products more popular by establishing a public image that attaches importance to women of each race and skin color. In this advertisement, it is very good to establish a good image for Rare Beauty.

  4. Chaochao

    This ad does a great job of showing the different effects of makeup on different people. Everyone has their own unique style. I think cosmetic companies are the most inclusive because the makeup I see basically has renderings of different skin tones. It gives everyone the right to be beautiful. And now many brands have launched men’s cosmetics and skin care products.

  5. Simonlei

    I think what you uncovered from this ad was very interesting in terms of the message that’s being presented. As someone who isnt knowledgeable in make up, I can understand the message you uncovered.

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