March 28 – April 3
Welcome to the checklist for Week 9. The materials for this week expand on some of the questions from last week’s reading involving the media, ideology, and racism. I know that these can be complex and sensitive issues. I’m very much looking forward to the thoughts and comments that everyone will contribute, and hope everyone feels comfortable expressing your opinions in an open and candid manner.

Asynchronous Class Materials
1. Watch the presentation for Week 9: Representation in Advertising
2. Add any thoughts, comments, and ideas that you would like to offer in response to the materials covered in that presentation
3. Review your peers’ Response Posts from last week, then create a new Discussion Post according to these Guidelines
4. Comment on at least 2 of your peers Discussion Posts for this week

Assignment / Homework
5. Read the PDF attached in this week’s Assignment
6. Respond with your notes and questions in a new Post, following the instructions in that Assignment
7. Pay attention to the advertisements that you encounter throughout the week, keeping in mind that your second paper will analyze an ad using the methodology from this week’s reading.

Please also keep an eye out for an update regarding Final Presentations. I’ll be sharing some examples in the next few days.