March 14 – 20
Here is the checklist for Week 7. While we haven’t quite hit the mid-semester mark yet, you will be receiving marks for your first paper, and your midterm assessment this week. As you’ll see in this week’s agenda, I’d like to use this opportunity to touch base with everyone. Looking forward to doing that very soon!

Asynchronous Class Materials
1. Watch the presentation for Week 7: Living on the Grid
2. Leave at least one comment on the Post
3. Complete the Meeting Schedule Survey
4. Look out for a confirmation email from me, with your meeting time
5. Join the Zoom meeting room at your scheduled time

Assignment / Homework
5. Read one of the PDFs attached in this week’s Assignment
6. Respond to the prompts in a new Post, categorized as a Response
7. Post any questions you may have and feel free to comment on your peers’ responses.