COMD3504 - Section HD61 - Spring 2022

Assignment #2

Language is the sound of the noun or verb that develops a sound-imagery in our minds. When we say a word of an object, the body language of the name summarizes its form of the noun/verb. What distinguishes a proper language from other forms of communication is that language can also be characteristic though it’s one semilogical system. For example, the word ‘kindness’ has a soft approach when you pronounce it. Pronouncing ‘loyal’ has strict and direct just like the meaning of the word.

Symbols and language are related to each other because they associate each other with its personality. Symbols are icons that have personalities that we can see unlike language is auditory. Though when you put symbols and language together they develop a visual story. In the article, Counting Sheeps: A Brief History of Written Numbers had selected a flow to interoperate an informal reading with language and icons. Especially, when the word ‘sheep’ has a light pronunciation and the symbol of the sheep has its fluffy fur, legs, and head to emphasize the heart-warming sheep.

What design can’t do what language does is see the visuals in person. This comes in where some people are visual learners and/or auditory learners. Some prefer to see designs to have a better understanding of what’s happening, for auditory they listen and visualize the design in their heads. Language and design are related to another’s today culture due to balancing visuals and audio. Combining both develop a stronger relationship with the speaker and listener because we’re experiencing a trip of ways how to use words and design (telling a story).

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  1. Darren

    I agree with you that symbols like icons unlike language because it is relating to the sense of hearing, while symbols can be everything else

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