Pick any photo that you will be including in your final project presentation.

Make the necessary global corrections to make your photo look its best.

Put the before and after versions of your photo in a gallery block into a post on OpenLab. Include a list of the adjustments you made to the photo.

Category: Lab: Week 14 – Review Global Corrections

Lightroom Workflow:

  1. Classic: Lens corrections and Transform panels. Correct lens aberrations and Transform, rotate and straighten.  
    App: Optics, geometry.
  2. Classic: Crop. Left below the histogram. Keep the lock on to maintain aspect ratio.
    App: Crop
  3. Classic: WB on basic panel – Set white balance.
    App: Color
  4. Classic: Exposure section on basic panel – Read the histogram to set exposure. Most images should have the widest possible dynamic range, meaning that there should be data across the entire histogram.
    App: Light
    a. Exposure slider-use to adjust the overall tonality
    b. Set black point-shift double click.
    c. Set white point-shift double click.
    d. Use shadows slider to brighten mid tones.
  5. Classic: Presence section of basic panel – Adjust clarity (mid tone contrast)
    App: effects
  6. Classic: Presence section of basic panel – Adjust vibrance.
    App: color
  7. Classic: Presence section of basic panel – Use saturation with care: +10 at most
    App: color
  8. Classic: Detal panel – Sharpen-amount at least 50
    App: detail