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Photography Hw#1

The name of the photographer is Christopher Gregory Rivera. The image is part of a series called Sinking Countries in 2019. The series was photographed in a Fijian Village of Vunidogoloa. The subject of the image I have chosen is a father and his son in their home which is built with only a number of resources and is covered in colorful clothes which are separating the rooms within the house. The purpose of the photograph is to show the contrast between the destroyed village and how the community within it has still made a way of living. The bright color clothes hung around the father and the son is making them stand out, the pattern of their clothing is also bringing attention to them. The message I see is that even though the community within this village has lost a lot to natural disasters they still have a spirit of life which is being demonstrated through the bright colored clothes they make and wear. I really like this image because it has so much color and life in it. 

There are a lot of contrasting patterns within the image, the pattern on the clothes in the background is a lot busier than the patterns on the clothes of the father and the son which makes them stand out in front of the image. There is also a bit of a contrast between light and dark. The light is coming from the right side of the image and lighting up the subject of the image while the background is darker compared to the subject of the image. There is a hint of symmetry in the background of the image. The cloth hanging behind the subject is put right in the middle of the image and it is dividing the room into three parts. The cloth under their feet is also dividing the room floor into two different sections.



    Hello Mahreen,

    This was one of my favorite photographs as well. The element that somehow pulls it all together for me is the expression on their faces surrounded by all the patterns and colors.

  2. rmichals

    I love it too. The photographer sets it up as a formal portrait with a backdrop both I am sure as a sign of respect but also to organize the chaos.

    Father and son are wearing clothes traditional for their culture but not for ours as they are both wearing skirts. A clear reminder of how much of what we do is based on culture.

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