Prof. J. Longo • COMD 3313 Spring '24

Week 2: Illustrator Spotlights


Comment with a MINIMUM of 3 Illustrators, Creatives, or Artists who motivate your work, or inspire you. Write a quick 1-2 sentence summary of them, their work, and what you like about it. PROVIDE LINK to socials/website for others to see (make sure link is public/not private)





• Use these spotlights to begin figuring out where your work could fit in the illustration market. Look into the future and see if this is something you can do for your entire life, or is this just a part of the path? If it’s part of the path, where does the path lead…

• Be prepared to share a quick overview of 1 artists to the class Week 3

Read each other’s spotlights and explore new art!


  1. jlongoart

    ” alt=”Bill Peet”>

    Hands down, one of my most influential Illustrators is BILL PEET. As a kid I loved his story books and it steered me into wanting to illustrate Childrens Booksand develop stories for sale—it wasn’t until I read his autobiography that I found he was one of Disneys first storyboard artists and animators for their first films, which blew my mind open to the different outlets drawing could have across fields—this guy didnt draw JUST for books, it was a revelation. I LOVE his scritchy pencil and dry brush work that gives an undeveloped but energetic quality…How his personal style/look/aesthetic dances between realistic and cartoony, but most importantly *fun.* Bill Peet is a true inspiration to my own work and career path.

    ” alt=”Frank Quitely’s Batman”>

    When it comes to INKING and my interest in Comics/Sequential Art, FRANK QUITELY is a more recent Illustrator that influences my work. Franks Pencilling is equal to his inking: meticulous, careful, detailed and distinct. From the pleating of leather with casual movement, to spittle from rage, to tecture on clouds and organics that make it all feel real…Franks approach is clear and clean in a world where physics and humanity often don’t intertwine. I never would have started reading or following comics if Quitely’s art didnt pull me back in.

    ” alt=”Herge’s Tin-Tin characters”>

    Belgian Artist Hergé rounds the list as an overall influence in style. While TinTin is a worldwide name and success, the stories don’t date well and have some troubling representations and perspectives in modern times but as a kid it was a comic that had the detail of a book and it made a lot of artistic choices appealing to me. Subject matter aside, Herge’s simplistic style is like Quitely’s toned down to a “2,” but its hard being so simple but effective, and Herge pulls it off. His Lineart can take you all over the world and into space and has enough of a balance of realism and cartoon-y that really appeals to me.

  2. Alex Cazan

    Bo Chen is a splash art illustrator for Riot Games, creating large pieces for characters such as those in League of Legends. Their style is heavily detailed and is associated with its great sense of action and storytelling.

    Telson is an artist that I couldn’t really get much information on, but I enjoy their style greatly. The most prominent part about these is the detailed rendering and the more anime-derived style.

    Ian is a concept artist for Riot Games, creating props and character ideas for use in the company’s final products. They tend to lean more towards a graphical style and they are more focused on describing the personality and purpose of a character, which I can appreciate.

  3. Ziqi Lin

    Yeu is an illustrator, she mostly draws characters from Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail. She has her own style when drawing the characters; every piece she does is colorful and has so much detail.

    I’m unsure if this is one artist or multiple artists working together but their art is so cute. They draw Valorant characters and most of the time it’s in chibi form. I always struggle with drawing chibis but looking at their work always makes me laugh and keep trying.

    Bebseo is an artist who draws lots of characters from different video games. When I first started playing League of Legends, I found some of their artwork and I was in love with their art style. I love their style when drawing females where the eyes are not big and round. They may not be posting as much anymore but they are still one of the artists that inspired me.

  4. Kevin Chen


    Mamoru Hosoda is a Japanese film director and animator as well as the co-founder of Studio Chizu, a animation studio. He is known for some award winning animated movies in Japan such as “Summer Wars”, “Wolf Children”, and “Mirai” to name a few. What stands out to me the most is the incredible scenic art throughout the movies, and the contrast of color between the characters and the background that makes them standout.

    Adonna Khare is a American artist from Burbank, who is known for mainly focusing on drawing large scale art with pencil. This artist stands out to me mainly because of the focus on pencil art, as I first became aware of this artist through my high school art teacher, as I primarily preferer doing pencil art over other forms.

    Takashi Murakami is a Japanese contemporary artist who coin the term and style called “Superflat”. What I like about his art is the fusion of style that is similar to mascot art with a more abstract twist to create a collage of imagery that is sort of uncanny

  5. Liliana Munoz

    Hayao Miyazaki’s art style has been something that I can familiar with since I was very young thanks to a few animated films like Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro. His art is known to be very visually stunning with vibrant colors and the animations being very fluid. I also admire the illustrations being hand drawn which translates well through his animated movies.

    One of my biggest inspirations for line art is Tracy Yardley. He’s a freelance comic artist who’s known to work on the illustrations of the Sonic comics. You can see variety in the thickness of the ink that gives the illustration more depth. I always wanted to get better with line art and know when’s the best time to use thicker or thinner linework to present my own art works. (Fan Account but you see his works there)

    Tetsuya Nomura is a video game artist and designer who’s to make artwork for some of Square Enix’s popular series like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. You can see elements of sci-fi and fantasy in Nomura’s works and the illustrations convey emotions and intensity. The ability to convey emotion into some of my artwork would be something that I would love to do and make.

  6. David Velasquez

    3 illustrators, creatives, or artists who motivated your work or inspire you:

    1. Stan Lee
    2. Johnny Depp 
    3. Pablo Picasso 

    1. Stan Lee 


    I really enjoyed Stan Lee’s Work, even when I was a little kid, I always like reading the comic books he does for Marvel. I’m a really huge marvel fan. I seen the movies as well. I like how he represents each character with different personalities and different styles to give me an insight of what they are about as superheroes and telling a story. I also like how the characters just pops right at you, like in you’re face when it come to design in comics.

    1. Johnny Depp 


    When I look at Johnny Depp’s artworks, I notice that I’m doing the same concept of what he’s doing, which is doing portraits. I like how his portraits are realistic based on the materials he uses in his paintings. I’m doing portraits but in a sketch and using pencil way. It has a different concept and different meaning of sketching a portrait and doing a portrait with paint. 

    1. Pablo Picasso 


    Pablo Picasso does not only paint, but also drawing and doing sculptures. I enjoyed how Picasso devoted himself to his artwork to show what he is about and why his production is important. I also like how he uses his mindset to do unique artistic perspectives. 


    1. Mike Mignola

    A. American comic book artist & writer

    B. Known for creating the ‘Hellboy’ series for Dark Horse Comics

    C. In 1983, worked as an inker at Marvel Comics for ‘Daredevil’ & ‘Power Man and Iron Fist’ later working as a penciler on titles such as ‘The Incredible Hulk’, ‘Alpha Flight’, and ‘Rocket Raccoon’

    D. In 1987, worked for DC Comics for ‘Phantom Stranger’ and ‘ World of Kyrpton’, as well as working on the covers of several Batman stories such as ‘Batman: A Death in the Family’ and ‘Dark Knight, Dark City’

    E. Most notably recognized for his ‘Hellboy’ series and its spin-off characters such as ‘Abe Sapien’, ‘Lobster Johnson’, and ‘The B.P.R.D.’

    * Instagram Account: @artofmm, X/Twitter Account: @artofmmignola

    2. Guillermo del Toro Gomez

    A. Mexican filmmaker, author, and makeup artist

    B. Recipient of three Academy Awards and three BAFTA Awards

    C. His work has been characterized by a strong connection to fairy tales & horror, fusing visual or poetic beauty into the grotesque

    D. Has had a lifelong fascination with monsters, themes of Catholicism, anti-fascism, the celebration of imperfection, underworld motifs, special effects, and dominant amber lighting

    E. Shifted his works from Spanish-language films to English-language films such as, ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’, ‘Hellboy’, ‘The Shape of Water’, and ‘Pinocchio’

    * Views the horror genre as inherently political

    ** X/Twitter Account: @RealGDT

    3. Gennady Borisovich “Genndy” Tartakovsky

    A. Russian-American animator, producer, and director

    B. Known as the creator of several animations on both Cartoon Network & Aduklt Swim including ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’, ‘Samurai Jack’, and ‘Sym-Bionic Titan’

    C. Directed the first three ‘Hotel Transylvania’ series’ & wrote the fourth film, as well as a pivotal crew member on ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ & ‘2 Stupid Dogs’, as well as ‘Batman:The Animated Series’

    D. Throughout his career, [he] has won five Emmy Awards, three Annie Awards, one WAC Winner, one Winsor McCay Award, and one OIAF Award

    E. In my own opinion, the King of Animation of my Time

    * Instagram Account: @genndytartakovsky

    4. Timothy Walter Burton

    A. American director, producer, writer, and animator

    B. Known for being a pioneer in goth culture being interpreted & represented in film, being famous for his gothic horror & fantasy films

    C. Has received numerous accolades including an Emmy and a Golden Globe Award, as well as nominations for two Academy Awards and three BAFTA Awards

    D. Made his directorial film debut with the comedy ‘Pee-wee’s Big Adventure’ and gained prominence for ‘Beetlejuice’ & ‘Edward Scissorhands’; directed ‘Batman Returns’, ‘Corpse Bride’, ‘Frankenweenie’, ‘Sleepy Hollow’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’, and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

    E. Burton was offered an animators apprenticeship at Walt Disney Productions for his recognition in ‘Stalk of the Celery Monster’ (early work), working on films such as ‘The Fox and the Hound’, ‘Tron’, and ‘The Black Cauldron’

    * Website:

    5. Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko

    A. American animators, producers, writers, directors, and co-creators of the Avatar series franchise

    B. Worked at Film Roman to help direct works such as ‘King of the Hill’, ‘Family Guy’, and ‘Mission Hill’

    C. Chief Creative Officers of the Avatar Studios

    D. Their alma mater: Rhode Island School of Design (BFA)

    * Instagram Accounts: @mike_dante_d & @bryankonietzko

  8. Eric Skinner

    I think the illustratiors or creative artists who stood out me in my life so far have been Dan Povenmire (illustrator and creator of Phineas and Ferb), Marc Brown who created Arthur, and Billy Plympton who in the past was tasked to redraw the Simpsons for a couch gag. I think

    Dan Povenmire and Marc Brown made more of an impact though because they created two of the shows that I grew up with. I found Billy Plymptons work interesting because he draws characters in fun and animated ways

  9. Eddy x

    • Ladon Alex

    Ladon Alex is an illustrator, graphic designer, and art director. Their illustrations and character design are what stand out to me most, as well as their use of abstract lines and shapes within their paintings. Their use of color is inspiring as well, when drawing known characters they make sure to stylize them in their own style, uplifting both the character and their own artistic style. They’ve worked within the music, fashion, editorial, and gaming industry.

    • ICHGO

    ICHGO is a japanese artist who makes simple yet detailed drawings depicting cute characters in violent situations. The juxtaposition, composition, and contrast within their images inspire me to hone my own style. ICHGO has done exhibitions presenting their work, and sells t-shirts with their graphics.

    • mushbuh

    Mushbuh is a 2D/3D artist who makes simple yet expressive images. They create all sorts of merchandise, including stickers, toys, and clothing; on their website ‘itemlabel’. They’ve worked with all sorts of brands creating artwork for officially licensed products.

  10. Marieme Ly

    There are 3 YouTubers that are my main inspirations. Hopeless Peaches, Thumin, and Jaiden Animations.

    Hopeless Peaches is an English YouTuber and illustrator. I first heard about her from a video about a YouTuber called CreepShow Art. Hopeless Peaches and CreepShow Art used to be friends but had a falling out. CreepShow Art then starting spreading lies about Hopeless Peaches and the entire art commentary community got involved with what became known as the Hopeless Peaches drama. It’s too complicated to explain here, but I started watching Hopeless Peaches’ videos 2 years after this happened. I love her art style. It’s adorable and lively. Her videos are also very entertaining and informative. You can just hear the passion in her voice when she talks about art commentary drama and I just love it.

    Thumin is an African YouTuber and illustrator. I started following her recently, but she has become a huge influence. I admire Thumin because she’s such a strong willed person who does what she loves despite dealing with constant racism on Twitter. I really love Thumb’s art style. It’s really vivid and colorful.

    JaidenAnimations is an American YouTuber and animator. I’ve been watching her videos since high school. Jaiden is really funny and she’s my favorite out of all the YouTube animators I’ve watched. Because of her, I was thinking of becoming an animator, but I tried it and animation is a lot of work. I really admire animators and the work they do.

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