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Week 8 in Review!

WEEK 8 Class Info

  • Date: 10/20/23: WEEK 8 IS THE MIDTERM PRESENTATION OF YOUR INKED POSTER. This is a key part of your grade — don’t be late — find a way to get on track & present 10/20 after the lecture.

DUE WEEK 8/This Week


  • Week 8 hops, skips and jumps into our laps having been made familiar of art & illustrations evolution alongside mankind (week 7). We delve deeper into the impact print has made for Illustrators, namely “Editorial Illustration,” while setting the scene for future weeks discussion of Political/Humor/Sequential Comics. Settle in to connect the dots of history that are alive in the present. Stay for insights that make impactful Editorial Illustrations and apply those insights across your work in the future. From here on out, we are stepping beyond the basics of Illustration and into the world that uses those basics to make a career for themselves. Future weeks will focus on Illustrator insights, techniques & careers/job opportunities that make use of illustrators.



  • Transition from Week 7 to Week 8 with a focus on Print and Editorial Illustration

History is not an exploration of the past—it is an explanation of the present.”

  • Lecture: Knowing how the Blombos Cave Paintings connect to the Newspaper Wars, we take a historical look at the seismic impact print has made on the modern world and the opportunities it brought about for Illustrators. Then, we go over established concepts and practices in the world of Editorial Illustration and consider the use of visual metaphors for your Assignments.

Review Assignments and Expectations for Next Week’s Class

LAB: Not expected, take off early as a reward for your hard work.

Due Week 9

HOMEWORK #1) Drawing The News: Advanced Thumbnails

  • IN SKETCHBOOKS –: Draw The News/ Revisit Compelling Topics: Source & Supply THREE News Stories that inspire you personally or visually.
  • Create 3 Advanced Thumbnails of Editorial Illustration per story (digital or analog)
  • Keep your sketches in proportion to 6˝ x 10˝ which will be your final size.
  • 9 Advanced Thumbnails are the minimum.


  • IN SKETCH-BOOK: DRAW TWO PROMPTS, from Oct 1-27th:
  • OBJECTS MUST HAVE VERY DISSIMILAR SURFACE TEXTURES! Distinguish your textures from one another.
  • FOCUS ON TEXTURE: Before you begin to ink, pre-plan the strokes. Mentally organize the shapes that are to be a pattern, texture, or local color/value. You need to decide whether the stroke has a specific function, such as defining a form or creating a surface like fur or scales. No strokes should be random.
  • FIND PHOTO REFERENCE for your textures, such as a wood-grain surface, basket, mammal, reptile, grass, flower, tree, metal surface, etc. Do your research, don’t just race to the finish line in your mind.


Week 8 Presentation HERE:

Post your projects when complete!

  • Write your post. Add a Descriptive title.