WEEK 7 Class Info

  • Date: 10/13/23: (Picking up from last week with Substitute Professor Antal) You now know what is Value, you know Inking Techniques, you know How to choose a pencil, you know Design Concepts AND you know your role as an Illustrator—we take a look at how things came to be and where you find yourself, in a historical context, as an Illustrator today. WEEK 8 IS THE MIDTERM PRESENTATION OF YOUR INKED POSTER. This is a big part of your grade, don’t be late — find a way to get on track.

DUE WEEK 7/This Week

  • Poster: Fully Pencilled 8.5″x12″ Poster
    • FINAL WILL BE DUE NEXT WEEK: -Inked -On Bristol board/Illustration Stock. -No Digital. -No Color (B&W Ink only)
  • Sketchbook Exercise Week 7: FIVE Value Studies
    • 5 “acceptable” Value Studies done THROUGH shading techniques. (line-weight/stipple/hatching/etc—not grayscale!)
    • Acceptable = 1 value study includes 6 progressive Squares
    • Acceptable = No smudging!
    • Acceptable = No Large Gaps in value!
    • 5 is not the limit—5 is the REQUIREMENT. Produce as many Value Studies as needed to get 5 good ones—I will call you out on it!!
  • Week 5/6 Reading: Best Brush Pens for Comics + Max Pack Brushes for Procreate + Kyle Brushes for Adobe CC + WPA Poster Design


  • Week5/6transitions into week 7 SEAMLESSLY in a way to expand your understanding of the Illustrative power you wield, but also to give context for the field you are competing in/ways to sound smart when you talk about art and key factors that got us here.


Where We’re At

  • Shout’ergories #4 + Pencil Critique at end of class.


  • Wrap Up Week 5/6

Lecture: A History Surrounding the field of Illustration:

  • Review of early tools, inventions and landmark moments that provide us the industry we play in today.
  • Lecture: From Blombos Cave Paintings, to King James Bible, to Joseph Pulitzer VS William Randolph Hearst: How the table was set for you to enter this world as an Illustrator. Taking you up to WW2, the state of newspapers, and the advent of commercialism driven by print and production, these are the events that shape the modern world that provides us opportunities as Illustrators, for better or for worse.

Review Assignments and Expectations for Next Week’s Class

Critique: Week 5/6 Assignment: Pencilled Posters & 5 Value Studies.

LAB: Hammer out your final ideas for inking/ INK!

Due Week 8!!

  • Poster Midterm 2:3 – Fully INKED Poster in actual size (8.5˝w x 12˝h) on Bristol Board/Illustration Board. This poster dimensions mirror 24×36 at a much smaller scale, but serve the same purpose.
    • MUST INCLUDE (AT LEAST) 3 INKING TECHNIQUES (line-weight +stipple +hatching +etc)
    • There have been gaps in our classes due to holiday and weather that have given you AMPLE time on all assignments while ALSO knowing the path ahead— NO excuses can be made at this time!
  • EXTRA CREDIT #Inktober Sketchbook Homework : Choose ANY one prompt from Oct 1 until Oct 13 and draw/ink it! Extra Credit per prompt: one or none, it’s up to you. THIS. IS. OPTIONAL (and a fun life-raft to those in need!)


Week 7 Presentation HERE: