Class Info

  • Date: 10/6/23: (The previous class (week 5) was cancelled due to extreme rain throughout NYC. The lessons and objectives of that class will be absorbed into future classes, NOT to be made up by extending the end of the semester.) WEEK 8 WILL NOW BE THE MIDTERM PRESENTATION OF YOUR INKED POSTER. This is a big part of your grade, don’t be late — find a way to get on track.


  • Assignment 1 – Poster: Step 1: Advanced Thumbnails/Sketches
    • Develop! Create 4 Advanced Sketches relative to 8.5˝x 12˝ (wxh)
    • Guide yourself through the work that lies ahead, pencil sets the pace for pen, don’t wait for the inking phase to figure out what you’re gonna do!
    • FINAL WILL BE: -Inked -On Bristol board/Illustration Stock. -No Digital. -No Color (B&W Ink only)
  • Sketchbook Exercise Week 4 : In Ink, on paper / in your sketchbook
    • 2) SILHOUETTES: TWO objects or 1 SCENE (Scene: AT LEAST 1person + 1object interacting with each other)
    • 3) CONTOUR TWO everyday items
  • Reading Week 4 : Best Brush Pens for Comics + Max Pack Brushes for Procreate + Kyle Brushes for Adobe CC + WPA Poster Design


Value in Illustration: From pencils to ink, implementing value in sketches and final products as a way to achieve designs concepts in illustration. Continued consideration from pencil to final product.


  • Week 4 segues into week 6 FLAWLESSLY in a way to expand your understanding of the Illustrative power you wield, but also to give AMPLE suggestions on how to fill your Poster Project by way of technique, design concepts, value and more!


Where We’re At

  • Class Review of Previous Homework Assignments, various selections of students submitted work.


  • Wrap Up, Week 4


  • Review of Value
    • Pencil & Inking Techniques
    • Establishing Value key
    • Mood
    • Lighting

Review Assignments and Expectations for Next Week’s Class

Critique: Week 4 Assignment: Tight Pencil Sketches for Poster Midterm

  • Present your ideas to the class, use the sketch and your words to help us understand what we will see Week 8. Work as a class to offer opinions and insights to help your classmates make awesome art.

LAB: Begin Value Studies(complete for homework) & resolve any lingering issues for Poster to move TOGETHER as a class to the Week 8 Deadline.

Due Week 7!!

  • Poster Midterm 2:3 – Fully PENCILLED Poster in actual size (8.5˝w x 12˝h) on Bristol Board/Illustration Board. This poster dimensions mirror 24×36 at a much smaller scale, but serve the same purpose.
    • STEP 1) Choose ONE Advanced Thumbnail and convert that into STEP 2) Pencils of your chosen Advanced Thumbnail on 8.5˝ x 12˝
    • Your PENCILS on 8.5˝w x 12˝h should be a MORE refined version of your Advanced thumbnails previously.
    • Pencils! NOT INKS (patience, we will get there)
    • This would essentially be a version you could hand to someone else and THEY would ink it as YOU would because the pencils are essentially a penciled version of your final inked version.
    • Have EVERY aspect mapped out, this should look like an un-inked version of your final Inked poster. Converting all of your problem solving in the thumbnails phase to the final piece, you are ready to pick up a pen and ink knowing how you will execute all parts on the page. DO NOT FALL BEHIND! DELIVERY OF A FULLY INKED POSTER ON WEEK 8 (in two weeks), LATENESS WILL AFFECT YOUR GRADE. There have been gaps in our classes due to holiday and weather that have given you AMPLE time on all assignments while ALSO knowing the path ahead— NO excuses can be made at this time!

  • Sketchbook Exercise Week 6 : FIVE Value Studies (Pencil or Ink, try for a mix of both pen and ink tests)
    • 5 “acceptable” Value Studies done THROUGH shading techniques. (line-weight/stipple/hatching/etc—not grayscale!)
    • Acceptable = 1 value study includes 6 progressive Squares
    • Acceptable = No smudging!
    • Acceptable = No Large Gaps in value!
    • 5 is not the limit—5 is the REQUIREMENT. Produce as many Value Studies as needed to get 5 good ones—I will call you out on it!!

Download the Week 6 Presentation HERE!