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Week 3 in Review!

Class Info

  • Date: 9/8/31 {REMINDER: NO CLASS FRI 9/18 (ROSH HASHANA)}

To-Do Before Class

Topic: Ideation > Thumbnails > Advanced Concept Sketches


  • Knowing the illustration cycle, your role and those of others, we continue to develop our ideas and thumbnails in our quest to become idea-making machines.


Recap + Ideation Cont.

Warm Up

  • Pencil Quickfires & thumbnail sketches.


Group Process: 3 Compelling Topics

  • Create 3 THUMBNAILS detailing possible approaches for an editorial illustration about your compelling topic. Consideer your approach and how you will convey your idea visually and within those dimensions.
  • Thumbnails must be in proportion to 4˝x7″ not actual size.


  • Creative Quilt: Using your ruler, INK even lines and rows to create a grid of 6×8 squares. IN PENCIL, fill those squares with textures, patterns, items or designs. When penciling them, consider how you would ink them. Be diverse in your squares, turn the sketchbook in a different angles or choose random squares to make the quilt less of thought-out, linear and more abstract.

Due Next Week

  • Assignment 1) Choose a Previous Project (Revisit the Bev Label, Compelling Topic Editorial, Last Weeks Thumbnails, something YOU want to realize further). Revisit or develop further by creating 4 Advanced Concept Sketches. Think it through, the point is the process and developing something well thought out. Mark folds, indicate the purpose and make everything as clear as possible through sketch—don’t make it too calculated/finished/polished! Goal is to be as quick and loose as possible but convey as much as you can. SKETCHES SHOULD BE IN PENCIL! (Be prepared to use this as an inking exercise next class)
  • Assignment 2) Develop! FINISH CREATIVE QUILT: PENCIL STAGE. Scan or post pic on site. (I plan to collect quilts for W4 in-class demo)
  • Assignment 3) CREATE Artist Selfie! Using a photo of you, create a fun image that goes far beyond what you see in the picture. Friends alright, NO stock images.

Click here to download the Week 3 presentation from class!

Discussion Week 2: Illustrator Spotlight

Carefully research a minimum of 3 Illustrators or Illustration Influences that motivate your own work or inspire you. Write a quick 1-2 sentence summary of them and their work (DESCRIBE THEIR STYLE/MEDIA/LOOK + WHAT FIELD THEY WORK IN + WHERE THEY WORK OUT OF + WHERE DOES THEIR ART LIVE/WHAT IS THEIR ART USED FOR + CLIENT LIST/WHO HAVE THEY WORKED FOR) and PROVIDE LINK to socials/website for others to explore.

• Use these spotlights to begin figuring out where you want fit in the illustration market, and where you’d like

• Be prepared to share a quick overview of 1 artists to the class Week 3

(In class on Friday 9/1, I know I said I wanted 5 Illustration Heroes…but maybe that was too many? Feel free to prove me wrong!!)

Read each other’s spotlights and explore new art!

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