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Week 1 in Review!

Class Info

  • Date: Tuesday, September 1st
  • Meeting Info: Add online details or in-person location
  • Course Goals: To familiarize students with the field of illustration including its basic working methods, industry practices, basic history and philosophies. Artistic techniques will be taught as well, however this is a class focused on concept generation, and the creation of thoughtful illustrations, as opposed to a drawing or painting technical course.

To-Do Before Class

  • Join this Openlab Site




  • To familiarize students with the objectives of the course.
  • To establish working practices and clarify expected outcomes.
  • To introduce the basics of illustration working practices.
  • To introduce concept generation techniques.


Online Course structure and Expectations


  • What is Illustration?   
  • Illustrator as visual problem solver. 
  • Working Process: Where to begin?  Brainstorming & Research Techniques

Word Web Method of Brainstorming, for Japan Day Central Park.
Key Words: Japan, New York, Central Park

In Class Demo 

Bradlt Brald, Mint Magic 1986
  • Brainstorm concepts for a new illustration for MINT MAGIC TEA
  • Competitive Concept Generation in Small Teams

Review Assignments and Expectations for Next Week’s Class

Due Next Week

Click here to download the Week 1 presentation from class!

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