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Save Time. Save Cartilage. “ProTip” is a tip given by a professional, meaning it has value in its field. Often ways to do things more effectively and faster to save time and effort. Sometimes it’s a technique hidden beyond the basics that are so helpful and lead the way to advanced learning.

Use this page to post PRO TIPS, Shortcuts, Clutch Key Commands, Helpful Secrets or Essentials for ProCreate or Photoshop that aid and assist in sketching, drawing, inking, digital coloring, cleaning files….ANYTHING THAT HAS HELPED YOU THAT YOU THINK WILL HELP OTHERS!

Discussion Week 2: Illustrator Spotlight

Carefully research a minimum of 3 Illustrators or Illustration Influences that motivate your own work or inspire you. Write a quick 1-2 sentence summary of them and their work (DESCRIBE THEIR STYLE/MEDIA/LOOK + WHAT FIELD THEY WORK IN + WHERE THEY WORK OUT OF + WHERE DOES THEIR ART LIVE/WHAT IS THEIR ART USED FOR + CLIENT LIST/WHO HAVE THEY WORKED FOR) and PROVIDE LINK to socials/website for others to explore.

• Use these spotlights to begin figuring out where you want fit in the illustration market, and where you’d like

• Be prepared to share a quick overview of 1 artists to the class Week 3

(In class on Friday 9/1, I know I said I wanted 5 Illustration Heroes…but maybe that was too many? Feel free to prove me wrong!!)

Read each other’s spotlights and explore new art!

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