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Vargas Melissa_Week 11 Assignments

Perspective Exercise
Perspective Exercise

Fairytale Folktale Reinterpretation


Cinderella with a tropical twist. 

Story Proposal

Original story  

My interpretation of the story will take place in a tropical setting therefore costumes and environment will change.

Summary of My Story

In the heart of a tropical paradise, Cinderella, a gentle soul, faced hardship after the loss of her parents, becoming a servant under the care of her cruel stepmother and stepsisters. Amidst the vibrant island life, an invitation to a party at the royal beach palace, hosted by the charming Prince, brought excitement to all but Cinderella. Left behind and downtrodden, Cinderella’s fortunes changed when her fairy godmother, emerging from the ocean mist, transformed her into a vision of enchantment, complete with a gown made of seashells and coral slippers.

At the party, Cinderella captured Prince’s attention at the party, and together they danced beneath the moonlit sky. However, the enchantment had a time limit, and as midnight approached, Cinderella had to flee, leaving behind a single coral slipper. Determined to find his mysterious dance partner, the Prince scoured the island and, eventually, discovered Cinderella’s humble home. When her stepsisters failed to fit into the coral slipper, the Prince recognized Cinderella as the true beauty he sought. The two ruled the tropical island with kindness and love, turning Cinderella’s story into a timeless legend of magic and resilience amidst the paradise they called home.


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