Course Description
A required course for all Advertising Design and Graphic Arts students. Topics include creative user interface design and best workflow practice. Students will design a website using an (X)HTML template, and will develop design, typography and web programming skills. (X)HTML and CSS will be taught.

Over the semester, you will:
Design and build an effective portfolio site
Gain a solid foundation in current markup languages and applications.
Explore industry standards in layout design and functionality
Upload a fully operational site to a personal URL

A large emphasis will be placed on awareness of the design world by observing the principles of design in our community: books, publications, web sources, museums and graphic art organizations. Students are expected to gather reference materials for all their projects

Student Learning Outcome
A student passes this course when s/he:

  • Displays working knowledge of HTML and how it functions; learned how the internet generally operates and can use this knowledge to better strategize in designing.
  • Is able to hand code rudimentary web pages: links, styles, images, meta tags
  • Has created and purchased relevant URL and is able to ftp to it using Text Wrangler
  • Understands image optimization for the web
  • Understands and can compose CSS (style sheets)
  • Shows proficiently in creating usable, well-crafted web designs in Photoshop, then converting and coding within a code editor
  • Has created and published a working contact form
  • Has published a fully operational portfolio site and knows how to use the admin panel of their ISP account.

90% = Course projects/assignments
Project  (Portfolio Site)              40%
Assignment                                  20%
Midterm (Site Design)               10%
Final                                               20%
CP/P/A                                          10%
(Class preparation/participation/attendance)

Recommended text
HTML & CSS, Design and Build Websites
Jon Duckett; Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2011

Required Hosting Provider:
Kionic –

You can purchase a URL and host it at Kionic. Approximately $40 for a year, depending on how you choose to pay. You must have this service to participate in the class at all.

Other Resources,,,,