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LL9-Painting with Light

Describe the technical process of painting with light in your own words. Post your favorite photo shot by your group with a short description of what makes it a good photo.

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LL5-Shutter Speed

Define shutter speed in your own words.   Post your best motion blur photo with a description of why it is a visually engaging photograph. Include the shutter speed at which the photograph was shot.

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LL4-Pattern, Point of view, Rule of Thirds

Post a small version of your best photo taken in class today with a short description of why it is visually engaging. What makes it a strong photo?

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LL3-Scavenger Hunt

First assess how well did you work in a group? Did you give honest and constructive feedback on other’s photos and ideas while remembering to be polite and encouraging? Did you support your group members by including everyone’s shots in … Continue reading

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LL2-Using Composition

Post a small (in terms of file size) image of the best photograph that you took today. Write a description of your photo including at least four terms from today’s shot list.

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LL 1- The Thing Itself

In “The Thing Itself,” from The Photographer’s Eye by John Szarkowski, what is the difference between the thing that is shown in a photograph or the subject of the photograph and the photograph? According to this short text, why might the photograph … Continue reading

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