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Painting With Light

Painting with light is the manipulation of moving lights and the camera’s shutter speed. I enjoyed this photo the most as we tried a little to hard making a happy face after a few failed attempts.  The two color does … Continue reading

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Museum Trip – The Power of Pictures

Entering The Power of Pictures at The Jewish Museum, entering felt like a small place to run around. Most of the photos are placed on the walls, with some tables for large artworks. There was also a theater playing an … Continue reading

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Paul Paulino – Lighting Direction

This photo was taken from the side with the light coming from the front left creating the shadow in the right. I like this photo because of how the shallow depth of field works here. The yellow flower is the … Continue reading

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Paul Paulino – Shutter Speed

  Shutter speed is the camera setting that controls how long the shutter opens and closes, affecting how motion is captured. This photo is interesting to me is because of not only the difference in scale with the people and … Continue reading

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Paul Paulino – Manhattan Bridge

This was my favorite photo from the park trip because of the composition of the objects. The red helicopter hovering over the bridge, the bikers on the walkway and the angle that everything is in.

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Paul Paulino – LL3

  I feel that as a group, we did a good job finding interesting photos. Each of us wanted to get as many items as much as possible. We also wanted as much light as possible. This photo matches with … Continue reading

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HW1 – The Manhattan Cutout That Really Isn’t

Michael Kenna Manhattan Skyline, Study 1, New York City, USA, 2006 This photograph gave me the sense of how small Manhattan kind of is because of how cluttered all these buildings are to one another. The darkness from … Continue reading

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The Meaning of “The Thing Itself”

For what Szarkowski wanted to point out was that photos show a different side to an event compared to what a person sees with their own eyes. The photographer’s job is to try and make the photograph as believable as … Continue reading

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