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Patrick Faigenbaum Kolkata/Calcutta Exhibit

The elevator doors open, after heading up to the forth floor in Aperture Gallery. When they open you see light gray floors and white walls. It’s an open space, where open doorways lead from section to section of Patrick Faigenbaum’s … Continue reading

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shutter speed-group

  The shutter speed for this photograph is 2″ what this means is that when the camera takes a photograph it will open its shutter for a certain time. What I liked about this photograph was that it captured my … Continue reading

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Haunted Hall

Shutter Speed is the amount of time the camera allows to capture an image. This photo had a shutter speed of 0.6. I find this image visually appealing because the focus being on me creates an illusion of ghostly figures … Continue reading

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Odimar Fermin “Dinosaur Toys R Us Time Square, 2011” by Matthew Pillsbury is a photograph that spoke to me. In this photograph you are looking a Toys R Us from the inside, at a sky view toward the famous Dinosaur. … Continue reading

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the thing itself

There are many differences between a subject and its photograph. However, the most important differences may be that the subject continues to move throughout time, while the photograph stays still and remains the same as the moment it was taken. … Continue reading

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