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LL9-Painting with light

In order to get the letters to show properly, we had to write the F and the D backwards so they will be corrected after the image is taken. It took three of us to make the word come to … Continue reading

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LL7 – Portrait Basics

  In this picture, i really love how the shadows are. The contrast between dark and light are really nice in this image. We one lighting for this image which is the main lighting to cast the shadows. The Fill … Continue reading

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My Trip to the MET museum

The exhibit is a very small room; each wall has around four images of people. Some are in negatives and black and white. The subject is mainly of colored people during the 1960s. Malick Sidbé is known for his dynamic … Continue reading

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 What i really like about this image is the contrast between the background and flower. The flower is balanced in the middle with a lot of room to breathe.

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LL4- Brooklyn Bridge

What i really like about this image is how different every rock is. From the color and shape. It reminds me of us, we come in different shapes and sizes.

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Scavenger Hunt

 I really like the humor in the picture. The topic is good and since Patrick’s mouth is opened we decided to “feed” him. The picture also has rules of third with Patrick being on the side.

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HW1- Photo Description

Image: “Brooklyn Bridge, Study 2” by Michael Kenna is the image that really stood out to me. I really love how the image was taken during the day but the black and white gives is that mood that it is … Continue reading

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LL1- The Thing Itself – Marlon Nunez

The Thing Itself talks about how the subject of the photograph is different than the actual photograph even though they are in the same area. If i take a picture of a building, and a month later return to the … Continue reading

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