Portrait Basics LL7

IMG_9781The verticle shot is spot on radient. The fill light brought the subjects face out more. The depth of the background light is giving an aura a little over the shoulders. The broad light is strong on the left side of the subject.

About Justin Jackson

I have always been inspired by art from when I was a little kid to now. It really catches my attention. I seen art in many types of forms: cooking, music, graffiti, dancing, painting, and etc. There are unlimited possibilities of how art is expressed. It even sets a mood in motion for people to understand one another. That is why I want to be an artist. An artist’s salary is around $44,000 a year which is not bad since it is a field you would love to pursue in. You get to work in big open spaces like warehouses, studios in office buildings, and lofts. Most of the time artists work part-time which is kind of convenient for me because I have a job that is not related to this field but it could work well with my schedule.
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  1. rmichals says:

    The background light is working well here to create a little separation between Salvador and the background. This however is not broad light. the subject must have his face in the 3/4 view for the lighting to be either short or broad.

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