The Thing itself

In the passage: “The Thing Itself”, the photographer wants to reflect your view on a photograph by showing that what we see in the photograph can show you more understanding and explanation than the subject or even the photograph itself. What I mean by this is that sometimes when we look at an image we can capture the emotion and meaning that makes the story, but when we focus on the subject itself we are pretty much just capturing the image. For the photograph itself we might view it in different ways, meaning that we will view the photograph as certain experiences we might of encountered in our life. So as quoted in the passage, ” The subject and the picture were not the same thing, although they would afterwards seem so. It was the problem to see not simply the reality before him but the still invisible picture, and to make his choices in terms of the latter”. I believe that by this the photographer wants to show you that when you view the image right in front your eyes you will get a different aspect, rather than just focusing on the subject itself.

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