Robin Michals | COMD 1340 Photography 1

Final Project Statement

My photography style revolves around classic chrome with a hipster twist—it’s a bit hard to pin down, but there’s a consistent mood to all of the example photos. I’m looking for the nostalgic feel that only a film camera can provide. The problem is, shooting on film can be pricey. So, I’ve been experimenting with Fujifilm’s film simulation to get that retro look.

NYC is rushing, where everything moves at lightning speed. I’m after something different. I want to capture the city I know but with a slower, more relaxed mood. Think grainy shots, off-white balances—imperfection is what I’m looking for. For me, it adds more personality to the photo. I’m on the lookout for spots with fewer people, maybe some empty buildings or objects that exude old-school charm. And a dog, animals are always nice.

I’m drawn to scenes like empty streets at sunset, misty parks if I’m lucky, or even rainy days if I can catch them. I’m not looking for tall buildings and skyscrapers, but more of Queens or Brooklyn’s lower and smaller buildings. I’ll be playing around with different techniques but mostly sticking to medium and long shots at eye level. I want my photos to feel like a journey back in time, where every flaw adds to the charm and every shot tells a story. The color profile I’m planning on using is pastel or other soft profiles that are gentle on the eye.

Finally, I want people who look at my photo to feel old, to reminisce about their happy days in the past, even if they didn’t exist. I want them to look at the photo and feel relaxed, as if they’re in the photo themselves. Not just a generic-looking stock photo, but a photo with personality and a story behind it.

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  1. rmichals

    You describe what you are after clearly. I am wondering where in Brooklyn and Queens you might find a concentration of older buildings. I don’t know Queens super well but in Brooklyn you should try Vinegar Hill which you can walk to from school or possibly Red Hook. Red Hook still has some cobblestone streets and it looks amazing in the golden hour because of how the sun goes down over the water.

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