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Week 14 Global Correction

Alex Veras- Lab: Week 14- Global Corrections

One thing that I’ve noticed about editing any pictures with my dog in them is that raising up the contrast helps create a-lot of textural differences in the pictures between his fur and wherever he’s sitting/ laying down, so that’s one of the first things I raised after also raising the exposure a small amount. Afterwards I lowered down the highlights which helped bring out the pattern and darker tones on the sheet he’s laying on. I then lowered the whites down and raised up the blacks by a good amount which gave his fur a lot more luster and shine. After having raised the saturation a small amount on the oranges for the sheets on his right, I lastly raised the texture, clarity, and dehaze by a small amount on top of lowering the vignette by small amount as well to make the corners a little darker.

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