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Lab Week 12- Wide Angle Distortion

Distortion is when your too close to the camera and use of a wide angle lens. I used the front camera of an ipad and put the it as close as I can towards my face. I found some difficulty aligning the shot because the camera was like holding a mirror. I avoided this effect by taking a picture at arms length. I can use this in a self portrait photo. I found a clue that the no wide angle distortion shot, you can see your ears more compared to the first picture.

I created the distortion in the first photo by having someone and on a ladder. I would use this in a security camera prospective. The second picture was achieve by putting my hand close to the camera.

Lab Exercise#12 – Wide Angle Distortion

Wide Angle Distortion is a photo trick used when a object has been captured at a very close distance using wide-angled lens. It is often recommended to not use, and it can be avoided by taking a picture farther from the object; however, if you want to capture a more funny look or more background, wide angle distortion is something to try.

Wide Angle Distortion

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