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Midterm Project

Due October 27. 10 pts.

Portrait of a place-Select a park or playground near you. Photograph there at different times of day to capture the place and the people who use it in a series of 8 final photos.

  1. 40 photos in an album labeled Shoot 1 on Flickr due Oct 20th at 8am:

Portrait of a Place-Shoot in your location at 2 different times of day and or in different weather. Your shots should cover a wide range of approaches: long shots to close ups, people including at least one person in motion, animals and plants. Each photo should use light and composition in compelling ways.

2. 40 Photos in an album labeled Shoot 2 on Flickr due Oct 27 at 8am.

Portrait of a Place – Shoot at your location at different times of day and weather.

3. 8 final photos adjusted in Lightroom in an album labeled Midterm on Flickr due Oct 27th at 8am.

4. A brief presentation to the class of your project on Oct 27th.

HW 5: Light and Dark

Do this assignment outside on a sunny day. Use direct sunlight to do the following:

  1. 5 photos where shadows create shapes and are the main elements but not the only ones in the images.
  2. 5 photos that use shadows as leading lines 
  3. 5 photos that use shadows as patterns
  4. 5 close up photos ( not so close your camera can’t focus )  showing light, shadow, texture and shape. The viewer should not be able to recognize the subject. These are abstract images (not about a subject but just an arrangement of surfaces and shapes )
  5. 10 photos: Walk around on a sunny day and make photos utilize your own vision that utilizes light and shadow. 

Post the 30 photos to an album on Flickr.

Due: October 13th at 8am.

HW 4: Low and High Key

Working outside on a sunny day, photograph low and high key versions of 10 different plants or trees. Don’t try to do this on an overcast day. Check the weather and plan ahead.

Find a plant or tree that has direct sunlight on part of it and is also partially in shade. Adjusting your exposure, take two different versions of this subject, one that is low key where dark tones predominate but there is something bright and one that is largely bright but where there is something in shadow.

This does not mean to take an over and under exposed photo of your subject. If the light levels across your subject are even this will happen.

Make sure to look for scenes where the light level is bright in places and dark in others.

Due: October 6 at 8 am.

Post your final 20 photos an album in Flickr. Send your best 5 to the group.

HW2: Hula Hoops

Imagine that you have a hula hoop. Put it on the ground (during the day in a place with good light) and do not step out of it. You could also think that you are in one of those social distancing circles that have been drawn in some parks. Take 10 photos without leaving the circle. Use every strategy that we have discussed in class: angle of view, close ups and long shots, rule of thirds, negative space, filling the frame, diagonal lines, leading lines, to make the most interesting and varied photos possible from that one place.

Find two more spots and repeat for a total of 30 photos.

Post to Flickr in an album.

Due Tuesday, September 21 at 2:30 pm.

Week 2: Homework: Framing

Working outside during the day in good light, photograph a pair of shoes. Pick your shoes carefully. A wornout pair of flipflops with tell a very different story then brand new Jordans. Create a good example of each compositional idea on the shot list. Keep the frame clean so that the shoes are always your main subject. Think about the relationship of the two shoes if both are in the frame. Both shoes do NOT have to appear in every example.

Shot List


  1. Long shot
  2. Medium shot
  3. Close-up
  4. Extreme Close-up-(so close it looks abstract)
  5. Subject in the foreground
  6. Subject in the middleground
  7. Subject in the background
  8. Frame within a Frame – use a literal frame-a picture frame, a window
  9. Frame within a frame- use other elements in the frame to surround and bring attention to the shoe

Angle of View

  1. Worm’s-eye view
  2. Low-angle
  3. eye-level
  4. high angle
  5. Bird’s-eye view or aerial view
  6. Oblique angle


  1. Rule of Thirds-subject in upper left quadrant
  2. Rule of Thirds-subject in upper right quadrant
  3. Rule of Thirds-subject in lower right quadrant
  4. Rule of Thirds-subject in lower left quadrant
  5. Symmetrical
  6. Asymmetrical

How to hand in this assignment: Upload your final 21 images to an album on Flickr, titled Framing. Send your 5 best images to the class group.

Due: September 15th at 8am.

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