Optical Depth of Field is created by the characteristics of the camera lens.

Digital Depth of Field is created by software.

Work near a window or if you can go outside, that works too. You will need an app such as Focos.

Using three different pairs of subjects, each time with one closer to the camera and one farther from the camera, create shallow depth of field both optically and digitally and compare the two. Experiment with how much physical space is between the two subjects and how close you can get to the closer subject and still have it be in focus. You should have 6 final photos

In the case of the marigolds,

  • shooting with the regular camera, there is some visible shallow depth of field in the flowers farthest from the camera.
  • shooting with the the Focos app, shallow depth of field is pronounced and maybe even a bit exaggerated.

Put your pairs of photos into a post with a description of what you did and wht you learned about how to create the effect of shallow depth of field. There will be no credit for lab exercises without explanatory text!

Category: Lab: Week 9 – Optical vs Digital Depth of Field