4 pts. Please put your photos and your written answers in a text file, convert to PDF, and email it to me: rmichals@citytech.cuny.edu

Due: Nov 3, 8am.

Each question is worth 1 pt.

  1. Angle of view – Working with a simple object near a light source, take 6 photos of it. One each from: a worm’s eye view, a low angle view, an eye-level view, a high angle, a bird’s eye view, and an oblique angle.
    Clearly label each photo with the angle of view. No credit will be given for unlabeled photos.

2. Take a photograph where the negative space is a really strong shape. Include a description of the foreground/background relationship in the photo.

3. Take a photograph with motion blur using the Lightroom Camera (not another app like Slow Shutter Cam. Describe how you got the motion blur. Include the shutter speed at which the photograph was taken.

4. Compare and contrast how these two photographs use shadows. Use at least 4 vocabulary terms from today’s class topic page for full credit.