When working with a cameraphone, there are many apps that can help simulate the look of motion blur. These apps don’t actually allow you to use a long exposure but instead take many shots and merge them together.

If you have an iPhone, download and try:

Slow Shutter Cam $1.99 or one of the free alternatives such as Slow Shutter Fast Cam

Android: Long Exposure Camera 2

Using the motion blur capture mode, experiment with blur strength and shutter speed. Keep the ISO low.

Create an image where the background is sharp but you or someone else is moving through the shot.

In order to do this, use a tripod or prop up the camera. Use the timer.

Post your photo with a short description of what you did to achieve the effect of motion blur. Include what app you used, the settings, and ow you secured the camera.

Posts without text will not receive credit.

Category: Lab: Week 6 – Motion Blur