Work by a window.

Use the Lightroom Photoshop App to shoot with.

When in the camera portion of the app, select Professional.

Reverse the camera.

Set the timer to 2 seconds. (Find the timer under the three dots on the right.)

Under Sec, you can set the shutter speed.

Take a series of photographs of yourself throwing up a small ball or object at a range of shutter speeds.

Start with a 2,000 of a sec. You will need to experiment to get the coordination. Once you get something where you can clearly see the ball and your hand frozen in motion. Then try at 1/640/sec, 1/100/sec, 1/30/sec, 1/15/sec

Under Edit>Info, you can find the shutter speed and ISO at which you shot the photos.

Post your 5 photos in order of increasing shutter speed from shortest to longest with the settings for each photo in the caption.

Include a short response describing how changing the shutter speed and the corresponding change of ISO effects the photo.

Posts without text will not receive credit.

Category: Lab: Week 6 – Exploring Shutter Speed