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I Choose this picture because I like how the the wings and halo came out. I also like how the drawing that was made matched the cheerful mood of the model.

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Portrait Lighting

The portrait that was taken in my group, shows an photo using aĀ silhouette type of lighting. I likeĀ  this image because of the contrast it makes with the background and the type of mood it sets.

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Exhibit review

We visited theNew YorkĀ  museum to see:Interior Lives contemporary photographs of Chinese New YorkersĀ  and observed some pictures. In the first gallery we went into a room with dark lighting. The room had dozens of pictures on the walls and … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting for mood

In the Photo of Camila we had her back face the sun and used reflector. I like this images because you can see the outlines of the sun around her hair and shoulders and light reflected off her face.

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Motion Blur and Frozen Motion

The image above shows frozen motion. The shutter speed was set to 1/500 . In the image you can see the leaves appear las if they are flying in the air. The image above shows Motion Blur. The shutter speed … Continue reading

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Rule of Thirds and Pattern

Pattern The image shows a repeating shape which makes a pattern Rule of ThirdsĀ  The Images Shoes rule of Thirds because of the Flower is not directly in the middle but is in the left middle frame if there were … Continue reading

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Cemetery Trip

The image above has Perspective because of the appears to get smaller even thought is is the same size. The objects that are closer such as the stone appears to be larger than an object far in the back such … Continue reading

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Flower and lighting

The Lighting of this image is taken with side light . The light gives us more details of the flower such as the bumps and dark areas all around it.

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Learning log 2

This photo is taken from a High angle and is a close up shot. It is taken in a diagonal line. There is a contrast of light and dark. I felt that this photo was very interesting because of the … Continue reading

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Homework # 1

The photo shows a picture taken by the photographer, Michael Kenna. it consist of the Chrysler building in New York along and the other buildings and roads besides it. Kenna may have took this picture to captivate how nice the … Continue reading

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