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Painting with light

In this photograph I had to use the technique of painting with light and the way I capture this photograph was by using 4 second shutter speed with the ISO of 100 including the shutter speed of 9.0.

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Stuffed animal photograph.

I chose this photo of Mr.Pompidou because I love how the lighting is faced onto his face creating the warmth onto the this figured, as well as the gesture when we shake the dog to make the ears lift up … Continue reading

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In this trip we went to the Museum of the City of New York where we visited two specific exhibitions one which is called the Interior Lives: Contemporary Photographs of Chinese New Yorkers With photographs by Thomas Holton, Annie Ling, An … Continue reading

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What I did to take this wonderful picture is by using the reflector as a shade and and the difusser to difuse the amount of light from the fill flash that we used with the camera.

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frozen motion & blurred motion

This photo is a good example of blurred motion because it shows rapid the swinging of the arms and the scarf was going causing it to create amazing blurred swifts of abstract shapes as well the fast motion also created … Continue reading

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Botanical Garden trip.

this is a good example of rule of thirds because the focus is on the guy as well as having the focus on the other side were the trees are. Keeping the focus on the right side and left this … Continue reading

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Cemetery Trip

This is a good example of perspective and depth because the way the path/street starts to disappears. This is good of a shallow images because the sharpened focus goes on the water faucet and having the background soften and blurry … Continue reading

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For this picture that I have taken I used a spot light behind the flowers to create the back light position to cast that black loom onto the flowers. making the flowers look like if they we facing towards the … Continue reading

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Chair description

This photo was taken in a long shot angle with a busy environment. The reason I like this image is because I love how the chair is subtle in itself as well it stands out a bit because it is … Continue reading

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Hw 1.

1: Photograph: The Lams of Ludlow Street, taken by Thomas Holton. This photograph was based on a close observation by living with a Chinese family “The Lams” who live in Chinatown, New York City. This project is based on what lays beyond … Continue reading

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