Homework # 1

Chrysler building, Study 2, New York City, USA, 2006

The photo shows a picture taken by the photographer, Michael Kenna. it consist of the Chrysler building in New York along and the other buildings and roads besides it. Kenna may have took this picture to captivate how nice the Chrysler building, along with buildings next to it, looks at night. The photo gives off a very calm, lively and luminous mood. It looks like a great place to get some cool air and a nice view to rest or ponder by.

One of the elements used in the photo is figure to ground. through out the photo you can see how the lights from the buildings and roads contrast with the back background.  This helps create the luminous mood of the photograph because of the two contrasting colors of ,the black backgrounds and white lights. Another element used in the photo is leading lines . This can be seen from the two streets that diagonally lead to the building. This helps put my attention on the Chrysler building and the roads besides it . Another element being used is patterns and repetition. Many windows can be seen in the picture. This use of repetition helps portray the vast amount of lights there are in the photo.


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  1. rmichals says:

    And there is also symmetry . The Chrysler building is placed in the middle with its famous decorative crown above the horizon with little visual competition.

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