I chose the picture Tha Lams Of Ludlow Street, by Thomas Hulton. I think what the photographer is trying to portray in this picture is bright faces that seem to be family members. The background looks like this family struggles to live in a small apartment with five people, making it very crowded. However, if you look at the faces of each subject, there are smiles on their faces. This shows that even though they are not experiencing the best living conditions, being together as a family is more than enough. If the family were not in the photo, I would say the picture as a whole would not look as joyful. There is food on the table as well that the family is posing behind, which also shows a sense of thankfulness.

If the photo were to be black and white, that would also look depressing. On the other hand, the colorful objects in the space, like the jackets hanging, give it a more lively look. The photographer used “figure to ground” in this photo. The contrast of the family and the background catches the eye. “Diagonals” were also used as another technique, as you can see by looking at the slanted table.