Review – Light Quality and Direction


Filippo Drudi – the Fork

Studio Lighting

Continuous lights – Always on. Can be tungsten, fluorescent, LED

Strobe Lights – Electronic flash. The light for the exposure is fired at the time of exposure.

White Balance

adjustment for the color of the light so that a white object will appear white


Reflected Light meter-measures the light as it falls on the camera. The camera meter is a reflected light meter.

Incident meter-measures the light that falls on the subject

Flash meter- is a form of incident meter but measures the light at the time of exposure. Use it to determine the correct aperture.

Three rules for still life lighting:

  • There should be one set of shadows.
  • the background should be far enough from the subject to light it separately
  • if you do have shadows, use them in the composition

The main light– casts the shadows.

The fill light – brightens the shadows.


Studio Photography


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