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For my before image, I captured a some berries in a bush. At first glance, the mood of this photograph is very dull and dreary. All from the color and lighting of the photo. There are also various colors being used, but I felt that it should give the image a bit of pop to it.

For my after image, there have been many edits that helped changed the mood of my photograph. In Lightroom, I wanted to give my subject, the berries, a bit more color to it. I wanted to increase  the hues on my reds in the image so that the series appeared more lively and present. I decreased my exposure slightly, increased the contrast and reduced some of the highlights. I also reduced some of the whites in the image. clarity was also fixed in which I increased it slightly. I also wanted the trees in the background to be more greener, so I also messed around with the green hues within my image. Sharpening, Vibrance and Saturation were also increased slightly.

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  1. rmichals

    Nice work. Your image does look better.

    I would suggest opening up the shadows. Almost every picture looks better with more detail in the shadows.

    I would also suggest bringing the red hue down 10 or 15 % so it looks more natural.

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