Backlight is one of the most common challenges for the camera meter.

Take at least 10 photographs of your classmates of other subjects against the sky.

• Use negative exposure compensation to darken the subject to a silhouette.

• Use positive exposure compensation to brighten the subject and over expose the background.

Landscape/cityscape photos

The sky is much brighter than the ground. Take at lease so photos showing a range of location shots of DUMBO, the park, the skyline with and without the sky. When your composition includes the sky use positive exposure compensation to take a second shot in which the ground and the buildings are well exposed ie brighter and the sky itself is overexposed.

Note that if you are shooting with a rebel, these cameras often cannot hold the detail in the bright areas. Take some photos with the sky to experiment but also think about ways to frame your photos so there is no sky.

Post 10 backlit shots and 10 cityscape photos to an album on Flickr.

Send your best of each to the class group.