HW #6

From reading the short biography on Dorothea Lange, I can tell her work was meant to impact change. When I look at the ‘White Angel Breadline’ photo the first thing I feel is clustered and uncomfortable. All the dark colored clothing makes the black & white photo feel so gloomy. The thing that stands out the most is the one man facing the camera while all the other people have their backs are towards it. Even though you can’t see his whole face, you can tell he has a heavy sadness. Considering that this is the great depression, that totally understandable. Another thing I noticed about the photo is that he was wasn’t perfectly centered in it, so it gives of and unbalanced feeling. This further reinforces the uncomfortable feeling.

In the photograph, the ‘Migrant Mother’, I see a worried woman surround by two of her children. In the photo, the woman is looking into the distance, probably worrying how she’s going to take care of her children during the great depression. One compositional element I notice is that it’s a medium shot. Its close enough that you can see the sadness in her face and far enough to notice the details around her. Another element I notice is balanced it seems with her directly in the middle with a child on each side. It almost feels like she’s trying to balance the weight of the world on her shoulders.

These two photos show how depressing and sad the great depression was. But honestly one is more effective than the other. In the first one you can clearly see the people are better dressed than the one of the Migrant Mother and her children. Even though the photo affected the subject life, I think her photo really did its job and brought attention to the issues migrant workers were facing. These photos also really show me how blessed I am. And it makes me hope that things don’t get as bad as things were in the great depression.

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Quiz Owen Dennis

1) For motion blur, I had to capture the picture as the train was moving so the people who were walking on the platform would be blurred. I had to set the exposure while the lighting was low and keep my hand steady to be able to create that effect.

2) In order to achieve shallow depth of field , I had to use contour light in portrait mode on my iphone camera so it would only focus on the subject while the background would be blurred. I made sure there weren’t too many things around my subject so the focus would only be on him. Since portrait mode chooses a larger aperture, the depth of field would come out smaller.

3) I increased the exposure by 4, brilliance by 4, highlights by 2, decreased shadows by 7, increased contrast, brightness, and black point by 3.

4) The differences between these two photos include different styles of lights. The left black and white photo of Samuel L. Jackson uses a front light to show more details to his face, while the photo to the right uses a split light making his right side of his body a bit more dramatic. He also has different emotions in both pictures, such as the picture to his left Samuel has his arms crossed with a mad expression, his hat as well is backwards with an angry expression on his face giving off a hostile vibe. The photo to the right has Samuel looking less angry, he almost bites his glasses and shows off his belt maybe trying to look cool for someone he likes.


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5 pts. Put the following elements together into a post. Use the category “quiz”.

Each of the first three questions is worth one point – .5pt for the photo and .5pt for the description.

1. 1 pt. Take and add to the post a photograph that clearly shows motion blur. Describe the factors that control motion blur in photography. what did you need to do to capture motion blur in your photo.

2. 1 pt. Take and add to the post a photograph that clearly shows shallow depth of field. Describe the factors that control depth of field in photography and specifically how you were able to get shallow depth of field working with your camera.

3. 1 pts. Use global adjustments to make this photo look as good as possible. Include in the post below the corrected photo a list of each adjustment made.

Downtown Brooklyn








4. 2 pts. In a paragraph, compare and contrast these two photographs of Samuel Jackson. Make four points of comparison using the composition terms and or portrait lighting styles discussed this semester. (No credit will be given for observations such as one is in black and white and one is in color as this observation does not use any of the compositional principals or lighting styles discussed in this class.)

Photographer: Timothy Greenfield-Saunders

Photographer: Matthew Jordan Smith

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week 9

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For the “ white angel bread line”,the strong black and white tone makes me feel depressed, and the expression of the characters in photo clearly shows this atmosphere. The hats cover the top half of photo. People wear deep clothes that makes the frame more gloomy. The photo used the composition between center and the rule of third. That is a crowded bread line. A person stands toward that contrast between others’ back.His helpless expression and clenched hands may indicate that he is worried about getting food. The seemingly empty silver jar on his chest contrasted with his dark clothes.

“Migrant Mother”, just from the mother’s sad face there was a sense of empathy. This center composition that the mother stands out the middle of photo. It gives a contrast between her and her children. There is a child sleeping in her arms.They look untidy and even have stains on the children’s faces. The thin face and wrinkles looked like life had been very hard.I think Lange wants people to feel sympathy that help them.

These two photos indicate that people were suffering in the great depression. However, compare to “Migrant Mother”, people in “ white angel bread line” look neatly dressed crown. And the “Migrant mother” did not have any aid before the photo posted.The photo shooting has both advantages and disadvantages, it can cause more attention to help them, people can no longer suffer. But when the attention is too much, it will affect their lives, and someone may even go to interview them.But I think it’s worth it on the whole because nothing is more important than escaping suffering.

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Spring 2020

Congratulations on making it to the end of a very difficult semester. You all deserve recognition for doing your best in very hard times.

Photo by Kendra Kuo

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It was a sad week when I found out all my classes will be done online.  I miss the interactions between professors and my fellow classmates. I learn a lot from our group works and learning from each other.  Also, what stresses me now is how I feel limited to photography only indoor.  Spending many hours on the computer for school and work really stresses my eyes.  After I am done with my work, I get exhausted for my Friday classes.  I am also limited to my work because my kitchen and living room is occupied by my parents who is constantly cooking and preparing meals to our other families who are struggling.  They refuse to be in the photos, so I am limited to my room.  With so much stress, it is difficult to find inspiration.   Now a days I would go outside for a little walk to get some fresh air and capture inspiration from nature to bring back my motivation.  I learn to cherish every moment we have, and I look forward for this pandemic to go away.

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Today was a wonderful experience at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. We got to test out how camera skill but at a faster paste.  I got to play with my shutter speed to make sure I was able to take wonderful shots while on the move.  I wish we had more time to take more shots and run experiments, but I do look forward coming back to practice again. I also learned more about cameras and how if we go to different rooms in the botanical garden, we might trap moist in the camera lens and it will be a pain to get that off.  To prevent it, we must place it in a plastic bag so the camera can adjust to the temperature; its important to take care of your camera!

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This week I got to learn more about my camera and how I can capture motion by simply adjusting the shutter speed and the ISO to make sure I am capturing the details.  I did many tests runs on which shutter speed was good and for what motion.  I discovered 1/1000 can freeze action on moving cars and people. And If I want to go to the extreme to catch birds in flight, I can set it at 1/2000.  I felt portraits worked very well at 1/250.  When I want to show movements in the photos, I learned that we must set the shutter speed at a very slow speed.  I tried experimenting a waterfall with at least 5” of shutter speed.  I was able to retain some texture, and it was able to see a smoother and dreamy effect on the waterfall.

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