1.  This is an example of an image motion blur. In photography it’s the purposeful streaking or blurring of an object in motion in a photo for visual effect. The technique is beautiful when capturing movement in a still image. What I did for the blur was taking a piece of tissue and waving back and forth as I remained still with my right hand and phone in hand, left the background for dramatic effect.


2.  An example of shallow depth of field. In photography a shallow depth of field means that only one part of the image will remain in focus. Your main subject will be in a sharp focus against an attractive blurry background. In this case I used the hand sanitizer as my main focus and everything behind it isn’t in focus at all creating my shallow depth of field.



3. Here are my global corrections

Exposure (+0.68), Contrast (-40), Shadows (+45), Whites (+89), Saturation (+21), and Texture (+39)

4. In these two images there’s a main focus which would obviously be Samuel L Jackson. However there is some similarities as well as some differences in both images. In both of these portraits you can see that both of their dominant side is towards they’re left ear which shows Short light where one side has more light than the other. Furthermore in the second image there’s an example of Rembrandt Light. In the second image it’s an example of also split light because it shows His face in two complete equal halves. The image on the left can possibly show a figure to ground just because of the black and white the background is lighter than the figure due to his clothes which shows a greater value and visual.

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  1. rmichals says:

    1. good. A tissue is a good idea for motion blur.
    2. This is fine. For an even fuller effect – ie to make the stuff behind it even softer – get closer to the hand sanitizer.
    3. Nice correction.
    4. Short light is when the model is in a 3/4 view. here Samuel Jackson is face forward in both photos. You bring up a good point about the backgrounds. The lighter background in the Greenfield Saunders photo makes Jackson a more imposing shape as his shirt contrasts with the background. In the Smith photo, Jackson’s jacket and the background are close in value and it is his bright white shirt and face that stand out.

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