Quiz Dominique J


For this photo, I took a scarf and put it in front of the fan to create motion blur. In order to capture Β this, I had to remain as still as possible so that the only blur seen is that of the scarf moving. If I wasn’t still, other parts of the photo would have came out blurry and would have ruined the motion blur.


For this photo, I took some shells that I had and laid them out in a line. To control the depth, I angled my camera and focused it on the front shell causing the back shell to be blurred creating shallow depth of field.


Original Corrected

  • Exposure: +2.22
  • Contrast: -41
  • Highlight: +19
  • Shadows: +1
  • Blacks: -36
  • Vibrance: +21
  • Texture: +24
  • Clarity: +34
  • Dehaze: +5

4. These two photos of Samuel Jackson are very different. In the black & white one, Samuel is standing in front of a dark background while the light in shining in his face. The lighting used is butterfly light which is bringing emphasis to the tough guy expression on his face. All these elements together make the photo feel very serious. In contrast, the other photo has a very light feeling. Samuel is standing against a white background with the light facing one side of him. This lighting is called Remebrant light. These elements along with the calm look on his face makes the photo feel more relaxed.

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