It was a sad week when I found out all my classes will be done online.Β  I miss the interactions between professors and my fellow classmates. I learn a lot from our group works and learning from each other.Β  Also, what stresses me now is how I feel limited to photography only indoor.Β  Spending many hours on the computer for school and work really stresses my eyes. Β After I am done with my work, I get exhausted for my Friday classes.Β  I am also limited to my work because my kitchen and living room is occupied by my parents who is constantly cooking and preparing meals to our other families who are struggling.Β  They refuse to be in the photos, so I am limited to my room.Β  With so much stress, it is difficult to find inspiration.Β Β  Now a days I would go outside for a little walk to get some fresh air and capture inspiration from nature to bring back my motivation.Β  I learn to cherish every moment we have, and I look forward for this pandemic to go away.

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