Homework-1 Bryan Rodriguez

The photographer I chose was Suzanne Stein and the photograph I chose was untitled. The information Stein gave was the location of this piece. The picture was at Park Slope, Brooklyn where she shot a photo of twins behind glass doors. The picture has a meaning of contrast between two different subjects with different emotions. On the left you can see that the child is in a surprised state. Contrary to the other sibling where he is in distress because of an event that could have occurred. The doors are allowing the viewer to see both of the siblings separately. I think Stein wanted to show the likeness of them both but to also show the contrast between the two. On either side you are able to see different people doing their own thing. In the study of astrology the zodiac sign of Gemini is associated with twins. The picture of the twins resembled how it is fitting for the picture and how it works with the location.

In the Suzanne Stein photograph of the twins; she uses frame with in a frame to tell a story. The use of this technique allows us to focus on the figure. She also uses the rule of third because the twins are on in the middle but separated and spread apart.




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  1. rmichals says:

    Great choice of photo. This is a terrific example of using a frame within a frame and of using the contrast of light and dark to differentiate the figure from the ground.

    Generally however, a photo either uses symmetry which this one does OR the rule of thirds. If there was one kid, then this would be an example of the rule of thirds.

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