Update 3/16/30

Note: I sent this same message through Blackboard

Hi Everyone, hope you’re all fine.

I’m going to be sending a lot of emails in the next few days with instructions to on-board everyone to Distance Learning. As you’re probably aware by now, it starts on March 19 and will go at least until the end of the semester.

It’s important to realize that:

a) while we’re in dangerous times, we have recommendations and solutions to keep ourselves safe and attempt to continue our lives as best we can.

b) this will pass. Vaccines and cures will be developed and distributed, and the disease will gradually dissipate on its own. However we do need to be aware of the imminent dangers and take precautions, both inside and outside our homes.

As the Mayor said, we can’t stop you from seeing friends and hanging out. You can’t stay locked up in your room for the next four months. However, you can take steps to protect yourself from infection and not bring it home to family members. If you’re unfamiliar with what you can do, go here and read it carefully.


As your photography teacher, I am responsible for giving you the necessary tools and knowledge to complete the course. Again, we will be transitioning to a Distance Learning model on March 19. That means that we will be meeting using online applications to communicate with one another, receive instruction, show and upload work.

We will still be meeting, just not in person.

I’ll send more information in a few hours, but right now, I’m asking you to follow these instructions right away:

Write back to me and let me know you’ve read this message. In case you don’t know my email, I’m at


  • Check your City Tech email.
    Email all your professors, if they have not contacted you yet.

  • Fill out this survey from the department.
    It helps us figure out your needs.

  • Classes resume on Thursday 3/19
    Start digitizing your work. It’s better to do it now rather than when the class begins.

  • Reminder. Online classes should be treated the same as on-campus classes:

    • Show up on time. Look at the bright side…..no commute!

    • Do the work.

    • Talk to all your professors. I will be sending info on my availability.

  • Share this with friends and classmates.

  • Follow COMD on FB, Tw and IG for immediate updates.

We are all in this together.

Thank you!


Author: Anita Giraldo

Hi, I'm Professor Anita Giraldo. I teach and write courses in design, photography, design theory and creative project management in the Communication Design department at the New York City College of Technology. At City Tech, my signature project is the design, furnishing and implementation of The Pearl media study center, a $5M capital project funded by the New York State Department of Education and coordinated by the New York State City University of New York. Before coming to City Tech, I have worked as an installation artist, designer and fine art print maker. My work has been and continues to be exhibited nationally and internationally and has received funding on the city, state, national, international private level through grants, fellowships purchase princess and residencies. Before that I was the sole proprietor of my own commercial photography studio where I executed numerous national advertising campaigns for fashion and still life clients and consumer catalogs. Throughout the graphic arts industry I have been manufacturing director for international art magazines and production managed consumer magazines such as "Time Out New York,Art + Auction, Saveur and many others. All of these experiences began shortly after I finished art school with my first job as an illustrated book designer in the Studio Book division at Viking Press/Penguin Books.

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